This Hidden World map was done by dwarfs thousands of years ago, like all maps ever done. There the dwellings of many different tribes of the invisibles can be found intervoven into the landscape of Iceland.
The left row from top downDrangaskörð:  Is the biggest outpost of the Ram giants they guardians of the Hidden World, they are rough but protective.
Ásbyrgi: Is the Elves Palace, that is where the Queen of Elves lives. They behold the most magical powers of all and are the best arbitrators in the Hidden World.
The Crater is the nest of the Egg of Life, that holds the spark of all life  located in the magnificent Highlands of Iceland,  the core of the Hidden World and its most secret place.The Egg of Life is guarded at all times by the protectors of the Hidden World, the Giants, together with all forces of life.
The right row from top down The Arctic Hence, the biggest outpost of the Melrakka Giants, guardians of the Hidden World it is also where the dwarve‘s huge sundial will be, brought back from the ancient times.
Hjóðaklettar  the biggest habitat of the dwarfs who are endowed with master minds. All other tribes are dependent on their wisdom and skills.
Dimmuborgir the biggest habitat of the trolls who are extremely loyal and eternally trustworthy and provide shelter for everyone in need.The bottom line shows sketches of the cairns through which the entrance of the Hidden World will be located.  The two middle pictures show a glimpse inside of the Hidden World.

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