SoBo 33cm with handmade sweater and magic pebble


SoBo makes all her sweaters from wool cuttings which she stitches together in The Hidden World

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SoBo, a Troll from the Hiddenworld of Iceland.

SoBo makes all her clothes herself from fabric people leave behind here and there. Every sweater is made from reject wool cuttings and stitched together by her therefore each one is unique ( the elderly citizens in Iceland, give a helping hand).

SoBo has a magical protection pebble around her neck. The pebble is born in a volcanic eruption in Iceland, found by the elves on the black sand beeches.

Everyone knows that there is only one world, but not that it is divided into two parts and one part is invisible to humans, that is why they call that part The Hidden World. Everybody who lives in The Hidden World lives in harmony with nature which they try to keep healthy and clean.

SoBo is 33cm in height


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