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Hi, here is SoBo, she is small troll girl born in the Hidden World deep down inside the mountains of Iceland where there is a lot of ice, volcanic fire and boiling hot geysers. The Hidden World is a home of many beings of different races, such as trolls, elves, dwarves, giants and many more, most of whom are invisible to humans.

SoBo’s mother is Grýla, everybody in the Hidden World knows her but nobody knows how old she is. Trolls get to be very, very old; therefore most of them have lots of kids. Grýla has 65 sons and one daughter, SoBo.

SoBo is very funny, loves to sing and can produce music on nearly anything. SoBo touches everybody´s heart, they can feel her goodness and want to become her friend. SoBo makes everyone feel and understand the value of friendship. Friendship is something everybody needs and everybody can give. This is why she has a lot of close friends both from The Hidden World as well as the visible one.

Everybody living in the Hidden World lives as one with mother earth which they love and treat with deep respect, they eat healthy food and also know all of nature´s magical healing powers therefore they are extremely strong and never sick.

SoBo and her friends always do their best to keep the earth clean and pick up the junk left all around. They also save and collect all things that can be used to create something new, and that's a lot.

SoBo wanted very much to meet and get to know all the friends of the Hummies which they had talked about, but in order to do that she had to be visible to people. That was not easy, but with help from her best friends, the light elves, who have a lot of magic power they made it possible.

The Elves are SoBo’s guardians, when she was born they gave her a magic stone which has a natural hole going through it, which makes it´s magical power and she always keeps the stone with her. The stone protects SoBo and all her friends, when rubbed softly it absorbs all troubling feelings making space for warmth and consideration, then all problems become easier to handle.

SoBo makes all her clothes herself and she just loves it, she does not bother about the itsy bitsy finishing details, hiding threads and so on, actually she likes it better that way. She loves every single thread and every bit of all what she collects, such as used clothes and pieces of all different fabrics people throw away and leave lying on the ground. She also collects all kinds of small items, pebbles, shells, rusty nails, buttons, coins, just name it, and then she makes just anything she can think of which is endless, necklaces, arm bracelets, decorations just whatever pops up in her mind.

Everybody living in the Hidden World lives as one with nature which they love and treat with deep respect. As a reminder everyone learns this rhyme by heart, and now the humans will have to learn and remember it too:

One comes, one goes

Nobody can see or know

No trash to track or trace

That is our daily grace